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Title: Carrefour
Category: Supermarkets
Address: Tbilisi, Agmashenebeli, 16Km
Phone: Carrefour - Phone +995 32 2 177 000
E-mail: Carrefour - E-mail [email protected]

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Supermarket Carrefour in Tbilisi. Find all supermarkets in Tbilisi,Georgia and get information about products and prices.


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Carrefour is world’s one of the biggest retailer from France . Nowadays Carrefour has approximately 14000 hypermarkets and employ 450000 people . “MAF Hypermarkets is a joint venture with Carrefour Group. MAF Hypermarket focuses on all retail development across the Middle East for Hypermarket and Supermarket format. This year Maf Carrefour is excited to launch Carrefour’s first hypermarket in Georgia.

Always Low prices - We are known throughout the world for our low prices. Our prices are not low only during sales and discount on holiday seasons, but everyday.

Broad assortment of products – We are proud with our broad assortment of products and choices. When you come to Carrefour you know that you can find everything you want under the same roof.

Quality and fresh products – We have strict quality policy, we make sure we sell only what’s best. We provide not only the assortment you can find elsewhere, but our own Carrefour line products.

Excellent service - We are also proud of our service. Or crew does their best to be of great. assistance. Don't think of them as consultants, think of them as your guides during your shopping.

Carrefour is adapted under Georgia- Although we are an international brand, In Carrefour you can feel Georgia everywhere. We have broad assortment of Georgian goods and products from Georgian farmers.

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