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Gia Gvaramia clinic

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Title: Gia Gvaramia clinic
Category: Clinics
Address: Tbilisi, Kostava st., 63
Tbilisi, Khazbegi ave., 1
Tbilisi, Khazbegi ave., 29
Tbilisi, Abashidze st., 1
Tbilisi, Tsamebuli ave., 10
Phone: Gia Gvaramia clinic - Phone +995 32 2 21 23 12
Gia Gvaramia clinic - Phone +995 32 2 91 49 14
Gia Gvaramia clinic - Phone +995 32 2 31 20 11
Gia Gvaramia clinic - Phone +995 32 2 25 05 26
Gia Gvaramia clinic - Phone +995 32 2 74 67 56
E-mail: Gia Gvaramia clinic - E-mail [email protected]

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In our Centre of Aesthetic Medicine appointment with a patient is scheduled in advance. This helps us save your time and precisely plan your goals .
Before making the appointment, our friendly, experienced and helpful managers will answer all your questions and give you detailed information about the procedure of your interest..

On a personal consultation with one of our doctors you can frankly discuss your concerns and goals. After you've discussed what you would like to achieve, your doctor will outline recommendations. The suggested procedures, the risks and benefits, as well as the pricing will be clearly described.

But remember, while doctor will be happy to offer suggestions as to how to achieve your goals, only you know what you want. After you have completed your consultation, you can take your first concrete steps toward realizing your goals by scheduling your procedure.
Advanced technologies of modern medicine allow patients to leave the clinic in a few hours or instantly after a procedure. Depending on a surgery though, patient might stay in one of our wards for a day, under the supervision of our qualified staff.

Surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia with long anaesthetic effect, as well as i.v. sedation or general anaesthesia, when needed.

You will individually be given you specific post-procedure instructions. If you follow these instructions you will give yourself the best chance for a more comfortable and quicker recovery. Most people feel quite well within 24 to 48 hours following their procedure. You might need to be visiting the clinic for a follow-up care and a doctor is always on call for urgent questions.

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