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Title: Mcdonalds
Category: Fast Food
Address: Tbilisi, Zandukeli st., 1
Tbilisi, Kostava, 1
Tbilisi, Marjanishvili, 20
Tbilisi, Tsereteli st., 34
Phone: Mcdonalds - Phone +995 32 2 96 73 70
Mcdonalds - Phone +995 32 2 96 69 67
Mcdonalds - Phone +995 32 2 96 50 59
E-mail: Mcdonalds - E-mail [email protected]

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McDonalds in Tbilisi,Georgia. Fin on the map, get information about prices and see contact info.


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Since 1955, we’ve been proud to serve the world some of its favorite food. And along the way, we’ve managed not just to live history, but create it:  from drive-thru restaurants to Chicken McNuggets to college credits from Hamburger U and much more. It’s been quite the journey, and we promise this is just the beginning-we’ve got our hearts set on making more history.

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