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Title: Populi
Category: Supermarkets
Address: Tbilisi, Paliashvili str., 16
Tbilisi, Abashidze str., 81
Tbilisi, Abashidze str., 41
Tbilisi, Kipshidze, 13
Tbilisi, Atoneli st., 3
Phone: Populi - Phone +995 32 2 431 122
E-mail: Populi - E-mail [email protected]

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Populi Supermarket in Tbilisi,Georgia. Find on map.


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Populi is the first retail network of grocery and household products in Tbilisi. The idea of opening the network came up in 2001, followed by opening the first store. JSC Populi is considered for the consumers with average and above-average incomes. To maximally satisfy their demands, the prices are matched with the product quality, while the product range, service and design are matched with consumer preferences.

Retail trade network Populi covers almost all districts of capital and also different cities of the country, such as: Qutaisi, Gori, Signagi and Batumi, serving more than 100 000 households all over Georgia. Before opening each store, the company conducts a scrupulous market survey, aiming at identifying the demands of local customers.

Populi is developing and extending its network rather rapidly. The number of Populi stores increased from 17to 30 during January 1, 2007 - January 1, 2008. Today Populi owns 45 stores. Our organization doesn't only work on satisfying current needs of its customer but it does its best to foresee what products/services would be acceptable and valuable for them in future. This kind of approach makes us the innovators on the Georgian market.

Populi is run through the central warehouse and distribution center, while the stores are supplied by internal distribution department. The network doesn't apply the service of mediators, it gets products directly from the manufacturers through its own logistics department.

Retail trade network Populi is a modern organization with efficient management. The advantages of retailing trade and the components for network development (creation of a whole warehouse and distribution center, internal distribution, similar interior and exterior, privileges with the suppliers, promo-actions for consumers) are designed, refined and adopted at the organization.

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