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Shemoixede genacvale

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Title: Shemoixede genacvale
Category: Restaurants
Address: Tbilisi, Pushkini str., 8
Tbilisi, Lagidze str., 2
Tbilisi, Leselidze str., 25
Tbilisi, Chavchavadze Ave., 50
Phone: Shemoixede genacvale - Phone +995 32 2 91 00 05
Shemoixede genacvale - Phone +995 32 2 91 00 05
Shemoixede genacvale - Phone +995 32 243 96 46
Shemoixede genacvale - Phone +995 32 2 36 53 65
E-mail: Shemoixede genacvale - E-mail [email protected]

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Restaurant Shemoikhede genatsvale. Georgian restaurant with delicious georgian food. Nice athmosphere and high quality service.


Shemoixede genacvale - Information


While crossing the Vera Bridge to the Marjanishvili Street, with out-coming memories and feelings, walk a few more steps to the right and call into the khinkali restaurant "Shemoikhede, Genatsvale" ("Look into our place, genatsvale") to enjoy the charm of old town

Inner part of the restaurant is old-styled, with stone flooring and ornamental, beautifully carved wooden baluster balconies. The walls are fresco-painted in "karachogeli" (old Georgian residents) style. Service personnel are distinctive with special uniforms as well. A part of the walls introduce the sights of Tbilisi, photos taken by Ermakov.

A"newsletter" of those old times.

The menu looks like.

Khinkali (dumplings) cooked in front of the visitors' eyes; Shashlik and kebab made on coals spread appetizing flavor.

We won't be long. You just do call in and make sure we don't overestimate. 

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მსგავსი ორგანიზაციები

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