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Title: Taglaura
Category: Restaurants
Address: Tbilisi, Digomi,
Tbilisi, Vakhushti bridge,
Tbilisi, Gulia st., 1
Phone: Taglaura - Phone +995 555 23 77 00
Taglaura - Phone +995 555 20 77 00
Taglaura - Phone +995 555 24 77 00
Fax: Taglaura - Fax + 995 32 2 364 302
E-mail: Taglaura - E-mail [email protected]

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Taglaura became popular in the city from the very first day of its existence. It combines delicious Georgian dishes with cozy, traditional Georgian atmosphere and exceptional western-style service.

We brew beer locally, from high quality malt utilizing modern German technologies. You can taste our own baked fresh Georgian bread with several types of “khinkali”(traditional meat or vegetable dumplings) and traditional barbeque made from fresh meat brought from countryside every morning. With delicious Georgian dishes you can drink exclusive Kakhetian red and white wines.

Taglaura is noticeable by its exceptional exterior and interior that naturally fits into the traditional Georgian countryside landscape. Every restaurant has yard – the best place to sit in summer heat, have a pint of cold beer and enjoy the exquisite town views.

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